Individual & group psychotherapy

  • Use the psychological methods and instruments in order to reach the objectives we set together

Online counselling sessions – via skype

  • Offer guidance and support throughout various life situations
  • Identify together a specific therapy that can be followed afterwards with me or with another psychotherapist

Counselling on personal development

  • Identify and exercise together new levels in personal development: changing habits, develop new abilities, manage old situations in different ways, learn new approaches, clarify vague situations

Consultancy in Human Resources

  • Determine the best HR Strategy according to the business needs
  • Coordinate & implement performance appraisal process & career path evolution: identify the proper HR model and coordinate the model’s implementation across the company
  • Manage recruitment: identify the ideal profile, the necessary steps for a recruitment process and coordinate steps’ implementation
  • Build the training & development plan & propose motivating actions for the employees

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