Frequent questions

Why a psychologist?

And not a friend? Or someone close that studied psychology or your spouse? Of course, any help from a close trusted person is more than welcomed.

A psychologist uses specific instruments to help the client understand the circumstances and find the best solution in a given situation. He / she has the necessary objectivity to act in the best interest of the client and the persons in the client’s life.
A psychologist has years of experience in offering support to others in various situations. He / she has specialized studies and professional training and will use his / her knowledge to offer the best solutions.

When to go to a psychologist?

Psychotherapy is a method for mental hygiene. Our mind needs constant care and attention, like our physical body.

  • When you have serious physical health issues which generate too much negative thoughts and which consume too much mental energy
  • When you go through important milestones in your life which unbalance you: getting married, the death of a close relative, having a baby, changing the career, etc.
  • When dealing with an addiction: food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, pain killers, etc.
  • When someone close to you experiences tough moments in life which greatly impacts his / her behavior (a spouse that was fired, a parent who has a life threatening condition, etc.)
  • When the methods you used before didn’t solve the problem you have
  • Whenever you wish to reach another level of personal development

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