Confidentiality rules

One of the biggest fears when meeting a psychologist / HR Consultant is related to how your identity and the information you provide will be handled.

Any information you share with me, using any kind of contact, are destined to reach me and only me. I won’t use them to judge you, to offer them to other parties or to harm you & the persons’ in your life.

We will agree together how we work and any step we make. I will explicitly ask your permission for any solution I propose. If, for any reason, you don’t agree, I will either offer another solution or we stop the collaboration. The reasons may vary and you don’t need to justify them to me: you may feel tense, ashamed, embarrassed, suspicious or just strange.

The same rules apply also after we end the collaboration.

We will develop a relationship of trust during time. Besides that, the Romanian legislations offer regulations regarding the interactions and confidentialityLegea nr. 213 din 27 mai 2004. I invite you to read the details (it is in Romanian so you may ask for help).

In short, the Romanian law states:

  • Confidentiality is an obligations for any psychologist (article 4 – 2)
  • The identity / the information can be disclosed when (article 33):
    • A legal dispositions exists
    • It is needed to determine the guilt in case of an offense
    • The client offers his / her explicit permission
    • If the psychologist needs information for his work, but keeping the client anonymous.

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