Normality / abnormality from psychological perspective

How do we define what is normal? What we accept as normality and what we don’t? From what perspective and for which culture / society? How we end up feeling “abnormal”? Do we talk about “only special”, or “abnormal”, “progress”, “genius”, “severely ill”, “tolerance”, “destructive”? When we ask or not for help because we feel[…]

Life crisis from psychological perspective

A crisis represents an event which has a major impact on one’s life. From a psychological perspective, the crisis is not identified with the event itself, but with the response the individual has to the event. As a guidance, the crisis can be split in 3 categories: Situational: unexpected, shocking events (a trauma, the moment[…]

Change management from a psychological perspective

Any change, wanted or not, determined by a positive or a negative event, generates chaos as a first step. Planning the change always help, but the novelty of the new situation includes also fear, as we never experienced the new aspects before. There have been developed various models to explain the steps we may face[…]